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Go BIG or go home

As soon as the idea for was born, its creator realised it had the potential for getting some decent press coverage across Canada and that this presented a great opportunity to leverage it for the good of others; so adding a fundraising element seemed like a natural step in the evolution of “The Challenge”.

As “The Challenge” itself was already a pretty crazy idea, it seemed only appropriate to set an equally crazy fundraising target – and that is how the $1,000,000 goal came to be.

Finding a worthy cause

So with the challenge and the fundraising target set, the next major decision was deciding which cause the money should go to when there are so many worthy causes in the world.

Where do people go these days when they need answers? Thats right, Google. It was as simple as doing a search for: ‘Canadian Golf Charities’.  The top result that popped up was The Mike Weir Foundation.

A quick review of the site uncovered an initiative called the ‘Mike Weir Miracle Golf Drive for Kids’ and a banner (see below) that read “Join Me In Raising $10 million For Children’s Health” signed Mike Weir.

The creator thought to himself “you know what Mike, i think i will, how does a $1m contribution sound?” It seemed like the fundraising target of $1m would align very nicely with Mike’s goal of reaching $10 million to benefit Children’s Miracle Network hospitals across Canada.

Children’s Miracle Network

As fate would have it, the creator of had around the same time been talking with a friend who had done some fundraising work for Children’s Miracle Network; they had talked about the fabulous work that Children’s Miracle Network does and so it was decided that the prospect of helping 1,000’s of sick & injured children across Canada was the perfect fit given the national coverage of both “The Challenge” and Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

  • All donations related to will be made directly to The Mike Weir Foundation (a registered Canadian charity) and split between The Mike Weir Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network.
  • has the official support of both The Mike Weir Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network.


Has the life of someone you know been touched by the work of a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital? Please feel free to share your inspiring stories below, it will be great motivation!

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