The Golfer

What’s your name?

Hi, my name is Adrian Moore.

Where are you from?

I grew up in England about 80 kilometers south of London.

Where do you live now?

Well over the last couple of years i have become a bit nomadic in nature, spending extended periods of time in Asia, Europe as well as Vancouver, Canada (which was my permanent home between 2005 and 2014). I am enjoying traveling at the moment but I do see myself settling in Vancouver eventually, i love the city and i am proud to be able to say that i have been a Canadian Citizen since 2008.

How did you end up in Vancouver?

It is a long way from ‘home’ eh (about a 10 hour flight). Well after University in England i spent a summer coaching kids soccer in the USA. I’d always wanted to do a season in a ski resort and the reviews said Whistler, Canada was the best place in North America so i headed to the Great White North for a year. I absolutely loved Canada and decided to move there permanently.

What is your golf background?

I have my father to thank (and curse at times) for getting me involved in the game of golf. I have fond childhood memories of playing crazy golf and pitch & putt with him at an early age.

Crazy golf course in Whitby, England circa early 1980’s. I like to think i line my putts up better now.

I also remember spending many Sunday afternoons on the couch with Dad watching the golf majors and cheering on my hero Seve Ballesteros; so you can definitely say my Dad got me hooked and i have loved it ever since.

My father and I back in 2011 playing his favourite course in the Portuguese Algarve ‘The Old Course‘ at Vilamoura. A special day with a special man.

Golf did take a back seat to my other sporting passions growing up so shooting just above or below a 100 was common, but it improved a lot when I had the pleasure of working 2 summers at Nicklaus North golf course in Whistler, Canada.

The first summer there i played over 50 rounds and got the handicap down from 28 to 10 thanks to learning some tips from much better golfers than me. It honestly is the most fun job i have ever had and the setting was breath taking, think snow capped mountains, glacial fed lakes and Black Bears wandering past you on the course!

These days i probably play about 20 rounds a year and my handicap is usually around the low teens. I have had the pleasure of a few Eagles and likewise breaking 80 but getting a Hole-in-One remains elusive as it does for the majority of golfers…….. one day.

What do you do for work?

I run a company that helps Animal & Child Welfare Charities get 000’s of new visitors to their website every month like clockwork. The best part is we do it with the free $10,000/month in advertising that Google provides to eligible non-profits!

If you know anyone at such a charity, please direct them to my LinkedIn profile so they can find out more. It’s a fantastic program that is helping organisations who participate to spread their word and make an even bigger impact in the world.

What do you do for fun when not golfing?

I’m a bit of a sport addict so depending where i am in the world, I do enjoy going to live games especially the Vancouver Canucks (NHL hockey) & Vancouver Whitecaps (MLS soccer); failing that i will occasionally follow my teams on tv.

I love the outdoors and watching nature so i really enjoy going for a walks, getting some fresh air and seeing what wildlife i can spot.

Travel is a passion which is why i am really excited to get to explore Canada from coast to coast as part of  “The Challenge”; currently top of my bucket list is to go to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. As a nature lover visiting the place where Darwin came up with his theory of ‘natural selection’ and seeing completely unique creatures such as the swimming Iguanas has been a life long dream.

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