What is the goal of 100in100.ca?

To raise $1,000,000 on behalf of The Mike Weir Foundation benefiting Children’s Miracle Network (The Cause). Read about how i decided to help Mike Weir raise $1,000,000

How does 100in100.ca plan to raise $1,000,000?

$5 at a time! So that means finding a whopping 200,000 donors. Be a part of the success, donate $5 right now and get 100in100.ca one step closer to that target.

How does 100in100.ca plan to reach that many donors?

By leveraging media coverage & social network sharing of a very unique golf challenge.

Adrian Moore, the founder of 100in100.ca, will drive coast to coast across Canada (over 8,000 km) playing the the top 100 ranked golf courses in the country, in just 100 days (The Challenge). Check out the story behind how the idea for 100in100.ca was born

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